Boardwalk Empire film set. Rockaway Beach.

Heres an image gallery from a film set I wandered onto recently. Yet another set for the show Boardwalk Empire. Amazing work as always. The set dressers must have access to a time machine.

I keep stumbling upon these sets all over Brooklyn and Queens. These images are from Rockaway Beach near the destroyed sections of boardwalk.

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sibling meme - [2/x] incestuous siblings: gillian & james darmody
"When you were little.. I used to lie in bed with you, curled up. We’d be very quiet. I’d think there’s no one else in all the world. There’s only you and me."

Life Lessons with Nucky Thompson

Boardwalk Empire Favourite Van Alden & Sebso moments


TOWN WITHOUT PITY | a Boardwalk Empire mix
'Ours is not an easy age
We’re like tigers in a cage
What a town without pity can do’

fight to survive - or die

01. town without pity - eddi reader | 02. bad man’s world - jenny lewis | 03. power - kanye west | 04. help i’m alive - metric | 05. the ballad of mona lisa - panic! at the disco | 06. drink you sober - bitter:sweet | 07. till i get my way - the black keys | 08. another place to fall - kt tunstall | 09. in the air tonight - nonpoint | 10. dustbowl dance - mumford & sons | 11. sweet dreams - emily browning | 12. god’s gonna cut you down - johnny cash | 13. all fall down - onerepublic



Boardwalk Empire | 3.07 “Sunday Best”  Richard, Julia, and Tommy at the flea circus

"You’re supposed to say something comforting when people are upset."
"In that case, I had a wonderful time."

Can’t you see this man is a simpleton?


Boardwalk Empire Season 1: Lucky Luciano

"You sent a message, alright… that you’re idiots."